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Memory Care

It’s a warm and nurturing environment where members experience customized care, along with a range of enrichment programs and inspiring activities



Our members’ safety is a priority, but that is only the beginning. At the Watermark at Westwood Village, everything we do is built around wellness, well-being, and connection. 

We rely on the Quake Global resident response system, which features the latest in wearable technology, and our Community Life program utilizes personalized technology services to keep members connected to their families. 

But beyond all that, elevating the quality of life and day-to-day experience of our members is what truly matters. Our groundbreaking Thrive Memory Care program features “Naya” caregivers. “Naya” means “guide” or “person of wisdom” in ancient Sanskrit, and our Nayas are indeed sages, or leaders in their field. Empathic and experienced caregivers, they have gone above and beyond in their training to become certified by the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. At the Watermark at Westwood Village, our Nayas rely on leading care techniques and strategies to serve Memory Care members–and their families. 

In addition to their wisdom, Nayas are very special caregivers who embody empathy and caring, with a deep knowledge of how to help members thrive and grow. Their warmth and skill infuse a profound sense of contentment and well-being into Thrive Memory Care every day. 


The Memory Care residences on our third-floor “neighborhood” have been designed to support the well-being of members who need a higher level of care to navigate their way through unique challenges.

One-bedroom and studio residences feature spacious common areas, dining in an open kitchen with family-style seating, a dedicated outdoor courtyard, along with access to a range of amenities according to a varying range of abilities. Safe and secure, our residences are comfortable and comforting, just like home.

Creature comforts are important, too—the Pantry Program ensures members have easy access to their favorite comfort foods, while Gourmet Bites helps members experience the joy of dining.

Memory care programs

Pantry Program

This is a personal space for residents to store their favorite snacks and comfort foods. It’s also available as a storage spot for familiar items such as photographs, magazine, or anything that brings them joy and rekindles a memory.

Gourmet Bites

A program that enables residents to enjoy fine dining “bites” in a form that makes it easy for them to manage.

Engage VR

The Virtual Reality Lounge is for all residents. Virtual reality programs especially brighten the lives of residents with dementia, offering a way to “transport” them, virtually, to an exciting destination, such as the wreck of the Titanic, or an African safari. It also enables them to connect with people and environments across the globe and can help strengthen memory and mind

Global emergency response system

This cloud based wearable technology system tracks, calls and reports, all in real-time detection whereabouts of residents throughout the community. Emergency response, security, sensor-based accessibility and more, as new developments are currently underway.

Watermark University

Our award-winning educational enrichment program includes special offerings for residents in Memory Care.


Video Library

Thrive Memory Care
Let our dedicated staff explain the Watermark Communities approach to Memory care

Gourmet Bites
Watch how favorite meals are turned into nutritious bit sized portions. 


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